Free ride through the night

MN17 Proj Accent Graphe DSC 2435
Museumsnacht 2017, Kunstmuseum Neubau, Foto: Andy Hidber

Free ride through the night: With the Museum Night ticket you can use public transport in the Basel area free of charge from 5 pm, so pre-sale is worth it! In addition to public transport, there are six shuttle bus lines and an old-timer tram for museum hopping.

The Museums Night ticket not only opens the door to culture for you, it also takes you to the city and back home. The three transport associations TNW, RVL and Distribus will be there for you from 5 pm until closing and across the borders.

During the evening, the museums are connected by a closely interwoven shuttle network. The Münsterplatz serves most lines as a kind of central station, only the yellow line (bus 604) runs between Fischmarkt and Saint-Louis (France). A special experience is certainly the trip in the Oldtimer Tram, which goes from MParc (Tram-Museum) to the city centre, to Riehen (Fondation Beyeler) and back via the city centre to MParc (Tram-Museum).

IVB’s wheelchair-accessible vehicles take people with additional needs from museum to museum from
6 pm to 1:30 am (no transport home). Order by phone during the Museum Night on: +41 (0)79 424 30 77 or